Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I buy some of your work?

I sell my art here on my website STORE. If you don't see anything in the store that you are interested in then you can message me and I can make it available.

I also have a studio/gallery at Mama Carmen's where you can see some of my art in person.

It is located at 2850 N College Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72703

Do you paint live for events?

Yes! I paint for all kinds of events. I have painted at weddings, business conferences, and have visted different churches to paint during sermons and worship services. If you are interested in having me come paint at your event you can message me on my contact page. I have a Live Painting page that can explain my process a little better and give you some examples of the work that I have done at the button below. 

How do you create your charcoal pieces? 

Charcoal is one of my favorite mediums. I buy large charcoal chunks, pink school erasers, and leather shammies. There is usually charcoal dust on the ground, hands and face covered, and enough charcoal on the canvas to make it feel like paint. My initial love for charcoal portraits began in my first and only year at Lyon College. I walked into my Drawing I class and my professor ordered everyone to get a huge roll of flooring from Home Depot. We nail gunned the backside to the walls and had at it. I never looked back and since then I have created more charcoal pieces that I can count. It's funny because I never really liked charcoal before my college because of how messy it was. When I first started selling my art and making a living, it all began with the large scale charcoal pieces. I would choose some if I had to be stranded on an island. Charcoal is raw, in your face, and vulnerable to the canvas. The process resembles the relationships with people and the stories that I try to share. Regardless of how much you can cover up the messiness, you can still be affected by those we let close to us. The same goes for my charcoal pieces. I can never get enough fixative on it.

Here is a video timelapse of one of the charcoal pieces I have done.

You create with different mediums?

More than anything I try to know other people and let myself be known. Whether that is through charcoal drawings, paintings, photography, digital illustrations, or whatever else I can get my hands on. Most of my work consists of a raw and vulnerable approach. It's ok to be up close or isolated, which a lot of my pieces have that vibe. More and more these days I seem to take a digital route to expressing myself. Digital Illustrations have been a great way for me to create on the fly and share it with others. Charcoal drawings have a long, tedious process. Photography has always been a part of the creative process of my drawings or paintings. Even though I don't post any graphic design work, I work for a screen printing/graphic design company here in Fayetteville, AR. The work you see here doesn't really show that world. This is how I am able to express myself the easiest. For now.

You can find my different work by clicking the boxes below.