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Performance Painting

Performance Painting is a live experience where I paint in a short amount of time in front of an audience.

Peformance Painting

Trees and Houses is a Live Art, Live Music collective. In 2014, singer-songwriter TJ Williams and I came together with a vision to change the way art and music are created and experienced. At a typical Trees and Houses show you will experience a musical performance coupled with a live painting that visually depicts a theme inspired by original lyrics from our songs. At our shows, we strive to create an environment that engages both the heart and mind and have intentionally brought together live art and live music both to entertain, as well as to challenge and inspire.

Over the past two years we have performed in coffee shops, bars, and living rooms, working to develop this unique experience. It has been an amazing two years and we are so thankful for everyone who has supported us so far. As Trees and Houses moves into this next season we are looking forward to expanding this experience by adding new members to the collective, recording a full-length album, and continuing to produce original music and artwork.

 New Heights Winter Chill

New Heights Winter Chill

 New Heights Sunday Morning Worship

New Heights Sunday Morning Worship

Visualize Your Story

Invite me to come paint with you. Whether that is in a worship setting, fundraiser, or events, I would love to help others experience a visual story.

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