1. Putting together a request

Knowing how to articulate a request can be tough. There are a million things to say about your project, you may not know where to start and what not to forget. This is the reason why I designed a detailed questionnaire for you to fill. These preliminary pieces of information allow me to get to know your project better, and evaluate if we're made to work together.

To allow excellence, I'm very selective with the projects I take on. How passionate you are about what you do, what level of quality you put into it, how clear and objective your goals are, to what extent you're ready to trust me as your design professional, all these variables play a significant role in my decision to consider a request or not.

Whatever my final choice is, I answer every serious requests. If your project sounds promising, I reach out to you by email so we can start a in-depth conversation.

2. Discussion and Agreement

Establishing trust is fundamental to a healthy work relationship. By taking the time to discuss your goals and expectations, we're setting the foundations for a successful project workflow. We need to be transparent about each other's role and 100% on board with it so we can start off on the right foot with peace of mind and confidence.


One of the most important matters we address is your goals. Defining clear expectations is what will allow us to agree on an objective vision of the project, and help me craft the best possible solution for you.


We don’t discuss money during that time, because we need to focus on your project and your goals first. I can’t answer the question "how much do you charge" before we’re done talking, the discussion is what will help me determine it. Since I don’t charge hourly, I need a clear and thorough understanding of the project to evaluate their value.


When we're done, I submit you an estimate which goes over everything we discussed. The work I will do, the files you'll receive, when you'll get them, under what terms and how much it will cost, it details every aspect of the project. We start as soon as I get the estimate back signed, along with your deposit.

3. Creative Process

Logo design is an iterative process that requires deep thinking and sketch work. This can't be imagined beforehand. Throughout the research phase, I explore many ideas. This process helps my creativity feed on a visual collection of the many possible directions. I base my work on our discussions and the goals we established. I also make a thorough study of your field of activity, target audience and competition.

My work at this point is to reduce the possibilities. I materialize everything I have in mind, so I can drop a great number of what won't work. This is how I can confidently pick the right direction.


Making choices means giving up: many ideas look seducing, but they're not all as efficient. Enabling excellence involves saying no to what doesn't work. Unlike many people in the creative industry, I never provide options. My clients don't pay me to do half the work, I consider it to be my job to pick what's best for you. I don't subject you to design decisions, because this isn't your role: that's what you hire me to do.


Once I'm done with picking the right concept, I start executing it on paper. I spend a lot of time sketching, polishing and refining until I get something that's extremely close to the final product. All the creativity happens during that phase, everything after that is execution.

Digitization and Refining

I digitize the work by hand: I refine every little detail until perfect. I review every aspect relative to the usage of the logo: legibility, scaling, color compatibility with printing standards, effectiveness on various supports, etc. I regularly leave it to settle for a while and allow my eyes to rest so I can get back and have a fresh look at it. This way, I can spot all the flaws, and do much more effective quality control.

4. Final Delivery and Case Study

Once I'm done, I send you a presentation of your logo along with a detailed case study. This is where I explain you every design decisions, how I approached the project and how I came to the final result. This allows you to understand how every detail objectively fulfills the goals we set.


After I get your final payment, I email you the high resolution deliverables along with branding guidelines. They're made to help you use your new logo and optimize its readability on specific supports. It also works as a technical cheatsheet to provide your suppliers with (printers, webdesigners, etc.)
You are now ready to unveil your freshly baked new branding to your audience and reach new heights!